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Q: How long do you need to setup the Photo Booth Hire?

A: Time varies from venue to venue but usually around 1 hour depending on location and space this time is not included in your hire time.

Q: How much electric does it take for an average 2 to 3 hour Photo Booth Hire?

A: All our equipment is energy efficient and would cost approximately 70p or less for total hire.

Q: Can we have the Photo Booth Hire setup during the day ready for the evening?

A: Yes we can do this although we do charge a £25 per hour standing time. This does not include setup time just time the Photo Booth is stood unattended.

Q: Can I select what colour Photo Booth I have and select a title on my photos?

A: We ask you when booking your Photo Booth Hire what colour Photo Booth you require and what you would like on your Photos (Mr & Mrs Edwards) (Congratulations) we can customise it to the way you would like it.

Q: How much space does the Photo Booth require?

A: The Photo Booth is around 7ft tall and approx 8ft in length we also need room around the booth for a table for the props and if booked in the red carpet and red rope barriers.

Q: How soon can I book in and do you need a deposit?

A: You can book in whenever you would like we have bookings 2 years in advance and it is wise to do so as we do book up quickly. We ask for a £100 deposit for the Photo Booth Hire and we can also setup a payment plan to spread your cost of your event so its more affordable

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Here you can contact us regarding and queries you may have about our products and  services. We aim to reply within 24 hours although average is 4 hours. If you have an important or urgent inquiry please don't hesitate to contact us on 01752 704862 or 07725 320944.If just an enquiry please email us on making sure you leave your best contact number for us to ring on and suitable times to ring you.

Below are some questions we get asked a lot and may be able to help you with your enquiry please do contact us as we want to make sure you get exactly want from you Photo Booth Hire.

Tel: 07725 320944

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